Walmart - Improve the brick and mortar store shopping experience through mobile apps.

  • Role: Mobile UX/UI Designer.
  • Category: Retail.
  • Duration: Jan 2011 – Aug 2011
  • Projects: Walmart iPhone App, Android App, Mobile Web (Checkout, Instore-Navigation, Lists, Local Ad, Coupons, Product Detail page).
My Role

I joined Walmart Mobile team in early 2011 as a Mobile UX/UI designer. I was one of the founding members of the newly formed mobile Design team to re-imagine Walmart brick and mortar store shopping experience through mobile platforms. This was a new team in Walmart. I was responsible for designing end-to-end experience for Checkout (cart), Instore-Navigation, Lists, Local Ad, Coupons, Product Detail page.


Walmart helps people around the world save money and live better — anytime and anywhere — in retail stores, online and through their mobile devices. Demonstrate the brand promise of helping people save money so they can live better, also support a seamless, competitive, multi-channel experience. Improve the brick and mortar store shopping experience.

Goal of the Apps

The goal of walmart mobile apps is to provide a seamless, competitive, multi-channel experience to customers.

Critical Findings
  • Users want some degree of familiarity, but also find delight in novel or fun ways to interact with content on their iPhone.
  • Users view the iPhone as ‘their’ version of the internet.
  • Users expect that an app will surpass the experience available on the web.
  • Users want to see local store availability.
  • Users need the ability to search and browse product catalog effectively.


I combined the insights that were acquired during research, and also worked very closely with product team and user researchers, I refined the sketches to define comprehensive vision for each flow I was responsible for. I thought of every scenario and built out concepts suited to the strength & context of Walmart customers.


Designed entire end-to-end experience for Walmart iPhone App (Checkout, Instore-Navigation, Account Creation, Lists, Local Ad, Store Locations and Product Detail page) that was engaging, usable and fast.

  • Provide simple, straight forward navigation through a wide range of merchandise.
  • Provide a way to progressively filter search results whether searching or browsing product catalog.
  • Consolidated approach to view complete product catalog.
  • Capability to search entire catalog from shop page.
  • Local Ads and Rollbacks serve both as a browsing points and featured call-outs. Ability to create multiple lists, voice input capability and barcode scanner.
Ready To Ship

After all of the tests and iterations the finalized solution was visually polished with detailed specs and delivered to the developers.