Google - Billing & Payments Platform.

  • Role: UX/UI Designer.
  • Category: Enterprise Application.
  • Duration: Aug 2011 – May 2012
  • Projects: Adwords & Adsense - Billing and Payments.
My Role

I joined Google in late 2011 as a User experience designer. I was tasked with redesign of a central billing system to be used by all Google products for international and domestic clients. Creating a design that worked with all Google products and consumed by international clients proved to be very challenging.


Google Payments is a platform for all google entities, where money flows in and out of the system. AdWords is a product where money flows in, while AdSense is a product where money flows out. These products use this platform.

Goal of the Payments Platform redesign

One of the biggest benefits of integrating with Payments Platform is its instant global reach. Products such as Google Adwords, Google AdSense, Google Music, Google Analytics and Google Play etc. leveraged this platform to launch internationally in 2011 and saw great results.

Core responsibilities

Responsible for redesign of Google’s payments and billing UI/UX for products such as Adwords and Adsense (for International Markets such as Brazil, China, South Korea, Russia, Android Market). Worked closely with a team of UX designers, user researchers and cross-functional teams in terms of conducting preliminary user research, detailed UI/UX design and delivering iA, flows and mocks for implementation. Worked closely with product teams on detailed flows completing users' credit check, background verifications and payment sign up. Also responsible for designing a consistent UX language across a variety of forms of payments, as well as tackling existing usability issues.

Critical Findings in legacy Payments platform
  • Users were confused with inconsistent experience.
  • Resulted in lot of customer support calls.
  • Very long payment sign up process. Due to this many account setups were not completed.
  • Third party payment integration was not seamless with legacy platform.

Design Process / Sketches

I interviewed stakeholders across the payments platform team. After synthesizing the results, I reported my findings back to the team. Once everyone on the team was onboard with my findings, I started working on the UI sketches with different design and interaction patterns. I started with low fidelity sketches to get my ideas out quickly and explore different design solutions without getting hung up on higher-fidelity details. Below are some selected sketches. After I sketched, I talked to a few people about the sketches to make sure I wasn’t missing any part of the experience.


Creating wireframes helped me to analyze and validate application requirements.


Simple yet powerful platform that satisfied a complex set of user needs. Latest version of Billing & Payment offers one page signup with fewer steps to complete the signup process.

  • Setup Profile
  • Setup Payment Method - Different types of Forms of Payment
  • Terms & Condition

Latest version of the Billing tab also offers simple navigation, filtering options, and easy-to-see summaries of all important billing and payment information. New navigation helps users access their information more easily.

Ready To Ship

After all of the tests and iterations the finalized solution was visually polished with detailed specs and delivered to the developers.